Here at BTB we’re thrilled to hear that this year’s Oscar trends are 'very much old style Hollywood...with a modern twist’ according to those in the know. 

Our hero product - Fresh & Dry Balls - is very much the modern twist on old school gentleman's talc - providing dry comfort without the messy clouds of dust. 


The screen heartthrobs of yesteryear undoubtedly would have doused talcum powder around their damp bits prior to the glittering ceremony. In turn, today’s red carpet hotties can rest assured their that balls are safe in our hands! 

Speaking on Radio 4 yesterday, reporter Martha Kearney who’s covering Sunday’s 89th Academy Awards revealed:

“When I was out last night I met a make up artist to the stars who was telling me what is trending this year and she says it’s very much Hollywood old style, which reflects the feeling of La La Land. It’s going to be classic hairdos with a modern twist and plenty of red lipstick on the red carpet." 

Photo credit: Polich Tallix

So what does this mean for the leading men? It looks like it’s retro all the way for them, too. Even the little guy - Oscar himself - is harking back to a golden era. Says Martha: "This object of huge desire is undergoing a slight change this year. They have tweaked the look to make it more like the original statuettes which were handed out in 1929. That’ll add to the retro feel of this year’s Oscars as well." 

Check out the similarities between Warner Baxter - who won Best Actor in 1930 -  alongside Ryan Gosling, (photographed recently at the Golden Globes) who is tipped for Oscar success for his role in La La Land.

Both in extremely sharp, well cut tuxedos. Both with very neat, well coiffed facial hair.  And neither one’s held back on the hair pomade!

Back in the 30s a good, all-over dusting of gentleman’s talc would no doubt have been part of Warner’s grooming routine as well.

Ryan Reynolds

Happily for Hollywood’s finest (and the rest of mankind) the safer and more efficient modern day equivalent is Fresh & Dry Balls. It goes on like a gel and dries to a silky fine layer, keeping everything dry and comfortable up to eight hours.

We can’t speak for Ryan’s pre-ceremony routine, but we can say with some certainly that, as nerves take hold, his palms will clam up and his collar will feel a little tighter as he waits for that all important  'And the Winner is….’ moment. 

And if he did include Fresh & Dry Balls in his preparations, that’s one area he won’t be worrying about as he gets hot and anxious! 

Either way, good luck to you Ryan and to all the other nominees!

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20/06/2018 19:07
This really is a FANTASTIC product. I am SO HAPPY that someone had the imagination and intelligence to create such a superior and needed product. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !
07/05/2019 11:27
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