Gentleman’s grooming brand Below the Belt launches tennis-themed ad for Fresh & Dry Balls on London billboards and in the press with the tagline “Djockitch?”

Below the Belt Grooming Advert: Holborn, London (Outdoorplus).


Below the Belt Grooming: ‘Djockitch?’ campaign adverts at Archway, Hendon Way & Purley Way

Below the Belt Grooming: ‘Djockitch?’ campaign featured by Media Monkey, The Guardian, Friday 3 July 2015

Below the Belt Grooming: ‘Djockitch?’ advert in The Telegraph, Wednesday 8 July, 2015

Below the Belt Grooming: ‘Djockitch?’ advert on The Telegraph website sports pages

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The company's experts give cleansing with the aid of modern technologies, have unique devices, and also have actually certified detergents in their collection. In addition to the above advantages, glass of wines use: positive rates; cleansing in a short time; top quality outcomes; greater than 100 positive evaluations. Cleaning up workplaces will help keep your office in order for the most effective job. Any type of firm is very crucial atmosphere in the group. Cleaning solutions that can be purchased cheaply currently can assist to organize it and also offer a comfortable area for labor.

If necessary, we leave cleaning the kitchen area 2-3 hours after putting the order. You get cleaning up as soon as possible.

We offer price cuts for those who make use of the solution for the very first time, along with desirable regards to cooperation for routine customers.

We supply premium cleansing for huge enterprises as well as small companies of different directions, with a discount rate of as much as 25%.

Our pleasant team uses you to obtain familiarized with favorable regards to teamwork for business clients. We responsibly approach our tasks, clean using specialist cleaning products and also specialized tools. Our staff members are educated, have medical books as well as know with the subtleties of eliminating facility and also hard-to-remove dirt from surfaces.
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