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Why do I get sweaty balls?

Sweaty balls are common and uncomfortable. Here’s why it happens.

Temperature: Heat and humidity can play havoc with your balls. Let them hang when you can to prevent the dreaded ball/thigh stick, or apply Fresh & Dry Cool for happy balls on hot days.

Clothing: Tight-fitted pants can smother your plums and lead to extra moisture. Wear light, breathable layers and natural fibres – synthetics are more sweat-prone and prevent airflow. Of course, au naturelle is best, but perhaps not on the daily commute!

Diet: What goes in must come out! Processed foods and trans fats give you the sweats and certain foods cause stronger odours when secreted through the glands. Garlic, onion, broccoli and cauliflower can be particularly potent. Cooked properly, after-smells are reduced – so keep that in mind in the kitchen!

Exercise: Hitting the gym, slogging up a hill or lifting heavy stuff; sweating is to be expected, but can also be a pain for your private parts. Fresh & Dry Balls Sports helps to tackle excess moisture and keeps your workouts fresh. 

Skin folds: Aka ‘saggy balls’ are more sweat-prone, as yeast and odour causing bacteria can thrive in those creases. Thorough cleaning and wearing natural fibres can help, along with a deodorising ball gel to keep things fresh.

Bad grooming: Excessive foliage of the nether regions can trap bacteria and cause discomfort. A trimmed, ‘manscaped’ groin area will give you the best chance to keep balls fresh, dry and comfortable.

What is Fresh & Dry Balls?

Our hero product! Just like you would use your daily deodorant, apply Below the Belt Fresh & Dry Balls™ to your balls for long-lasting freshness and comfort.

Specially formulated, the hydrating gel is easy to apply, and rapidly absorbs excess moisture to leave you feeling fresh, dry and comfortable for up to 10 hours. Help protect against sweat rash, chafe and jock itch to keep you on top of your game.

How do I use Fresh & Dry Balls?

Use Fresh & Dry Balls as you would your under-arm deodorant. Apply a penny-sized amount to your nuts after showering, for up to 10 hours of freshness. The cool gel is rapidly absorbed, drying to a silky fine layer. Use daily and re-apply as needed.

Where can I apply Fresh & Dry Balls?

Sack, crack and… feet. Created and tested for use on the balls, Fresh & Dry Balls is brilliantly multifunctional. It happens to work very well on chafing cracks, upper thighs and even on sweaty feet before pulling your socks on.

How often should I use the product?

Apply Fresh & Dry Balls daily after showering, as you would an underarm deodorant, or as you need it throughout the day if you’re feeling extra sweaty (heatwave? Gym day? Don’t sweat it). Use Instant Clean Balls as you need, as a quick refresher between showers.

What does it feel like?

Expect a fresh, cool sensation and a light tingling of the cherries, but never discomfort. All our products are thoroughly tested, but if you do feel discomfort stop use immediately.

Is it really safe for my balls?

Expertly created in the UK and dermatologically tested, you can trust they will care for your skin.

Do the products contain talc?

No. The Below the Belt Grooming range never contains talc. All of our ingredients are safe for use in cosmetics and the products have been thoroughly checked before they reach your precious lemons.

Can women use it, too?

Don’t laugh – it’s not as odd as it sounds! Plenty of women borrow their partner’s products or even buy for themselves. Fresh & Dry Balls is an excellent preventative for thigh chafing – no need for extra layers or thigh bands. It’s also great for underarm-chafing and for trainer-trapped feet.

Do I still need to shower?

Yes! Please do. Below the Belt Grooming isn’t an alternative to showering, but it helps that shower-fresh feeling last all day. And for the moments when a shower isn’t possible? (Festivals, camping, post-workout stop-off at the pub) a quick spritz of Instant Clean Balls will tide you over.

What is Instant Clean Balls?

Instant Clean Balls is a deodorising spray ideal for those in-between shower moments. It’s the perfect companion to festivals, active weekends and long travel days.

Is the Anti-Perspirant Deodorant for my balls?

No! The Anti-perspirant Deodorant is for your armpits only. It can provide up to 48 hours of sweat protection (daily shower is still highly advised!) Fresh-scented, dermatologically tested and made with 0% alcohol to achieve gentle yet highly effective results. Perfect for sensitive skin.