A hot toddy before bed was always the remedy to a good night’s kip but scientists are now saying that a HOT SHOWER before bed is the best way to help you actually fall asleep. (Good news all round for guys who already love a shower and know its health benefits extend to boosting creativity and awakening the mind.)

Timing is everything with this as you then have to wait for 90 minutes after the shower before turning the lights out. ‘You don’t want to heat yourself up right before bed,’ says Dr Augelli of the New York based Centre for Sleep Medicine. ‘Cooling down is a signal that tells us we’re supposed to go to sleep.’ 

So that hour and half before you hit the hay gives your body a chance to regulate its circadian rhythms - the signals that tell it when to feel alert and when to sleep. Immediately after the shower you’ll heat up and feel more alert, active and possibly more creative. But as time passes you’ll begin the cool-down process and your system will fee more primed for rest. 

And finally, if your brain’s got the message, but the rest of your body is still a little warm, keep handy a tube Fresh & Dry Balls COOL variant. Its icy mint and citrus ingredients will help cool you downstairs, remembering that your balls are always best kept at a temperature lower (33 degrees) than your core body temperature (37 degrees) for maximum comfort and function.

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01/04/2017 11:42
yes its true men must try get shower before sleeping because it is best for healthy life.
Thank you for great sharing
23/07/2018 10:35
I always shower before bed and lets face it, forget about the health benefits...who knows you might just get lucky?